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Three hundred years have passed and the United States have sunk into oblivion. Their ruins Illea was born, a caste monarchy. But a reality TV game could change the situation.

They are thirty-five girls: the "Selection" is set to be the opportunity of their lives. The only chance for them to exchange a miserable destiny against a world of glitter. The unique opportunity to live in a palace and win the heart of Prince Maxon, the heir to the throne.
But for America Singer, this selection rather falls within the nightmare. It means giving up her forbidden love with Aspen, a soldier of the lower caste. Leave his family. Enter a competition without thank you. Live day and night in front of the cameras ...
America then met Prince. And all the plans she had scaffolded are thereby upset ...


Thirty-five girls came to the palace to participate in the selection. All but six were sent home. And only one will have the privilege to marry Prince Maxon and be crowned princess of Ilea.

America is still not sure of his feelings. When with Maxon, it is transported by their recent and breathless romance, and do not imagine someone else. But when she sees her role in Aspen guard at the palace, she is overwhelmed by memories of the life they had planned to share. With the group that is now down to the Elite, the other girls are even more determined to win the favor of Maxon- and time ran out for that America succeeds in deciding.

Just when America is sure to have made his choice, a devastating loss pushes her to question once again. And as she struggles to imagine his future, violent rebels determined to topple the monarchy gaining strength, and their plans could well destroy every chance of a happy ending.


The Selection takes a final turn. As for America, his life changed for good. And she is determined to fight. For Maxon. But other concurrent came dangerously close to the prince. The only solution: Fighting back.

4 The Heiress

Release date
France: May 7, 2015  

35 contenders. 1 Princess. Twenty years later, a new   Selection   begin !

The   series bestseller   The   Selection, Kiera Cass, has captivated readers of all ages from   the first page. Come follow in this fourth volume   the   Illeá the royal family at the heart of a whole new   Selection, and discover what happens after a rich and happy marriage of several children ...
Twenty years after   the   Selection   Singer of America, despite the abolition of castes,   the   Illeá of royal family must again face the discontent of the people, the time has come to launch a new selection   to ease the tension.
At eighteen,   the   Princess Eadlyn feels ready to become queen. It is much less to find a husband, to the point that this idea has never even touched. When she finally consents to his parents hold him   Selection, Eadlyn not expected to see her everyday upset by the arrival of the 35 contenders and the media circus that accompanies it.
But among the reasons of the heart and   the   Due to State   the   Princess will have to make choices, and, over the weeks, she will take this game on which the future of Illeá ...

TOME 0.5:

Before 35 girls are not chosen to compete in the selection ...
Before Aspen does not break the heart of America ...
There was another girl in the life of Prince Maxon.
Do not miss this unique new Kiera Cass, author of the bestseller The selection series!

In The Prince, unprecedented new Kiera Cass, we discover Maxon Schreave at the dawn of the actual selection. As soon as he reached the required age for that snaps the process, Maxon realizes that his initial impatience slowly being room for doubt and trepidation. Would follow multiple questions about his ability to love ... and to choose. Will he listen to his heart or his reason? And America in? Independence and strong head they will overcome fears of Prince Maxon?
This new narrated by Prince himself will give you the keys to his heart, and perhaps those of his ultimate choice ...

TOME 2.5:

Before that America has met the Prince Maxon ...
Before she entered the selection ...
She was in love with a boy named Aspen Leger.


All you ever wanted to know about the background of the bestseller The selection trilogy!

This exceptional special issue offers a fascinating insight into the hearts and minds of Maxon and Aspen, the two young men who engage battle to conquer America Singer.
Before that America will come to the Palace for the selection, there was already a girl in the life of Maxon. The new "Prince" opens the week before the arrival of the thirty-five candidate and follows Maxon at the first day of competition.
High as six, Aspen Leger never imagined one day integrate the renowned Palais Royal Guard assigned to. Through daily Aspen, the new "The Guard" lifts the veil on this very closed world in which America will never have access ...
This collection is packed with bonus: a deleted scene, the play-lists of the first two volumes, and cascading revelations!

Download: The T1.5 Selection

T5 Selection - Crown - Kiera Cass.

Saga complète : La sélection
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